Narrative Quilts

Many projects incorporate Pam’s signature colorful and intricate embroidery technique. Her narrative quilts tell stories about the people in her life and those who shape her world.

“Challah” cover art for poster

Donated brick for American Cancer Society

“Beautiful Cupcakes” 2006

Children’s Hospital commissioned quilt 2012

Ronald McDonald House Artworks collaborative 2001

“Domestic Goddess” 2005

2000 – present

    Quilt Batting Challah Narrative quilted Brick for ACS I Picked the Wrong One Frankie Says Embellished Quilted Potholder Domestic Goddess detail childrenshospitalletters Childrensquilt1 Childrensquilt2 Domestic Goddess Potholder

Other works

Pam Kravetz portfolio copyright 2013

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